Breakthrough Kaleidoscope 2021
Digital painting

- My consciousness was pulled from my body and I lay on a surface of some sort while all the parts of me that were “broken” were carefully considered and fixed. I felt the electricity type energy prods poking through my body, it was in my fingers and arms and my mouth and stomach. Everywhere. My head was then cradled and I felt the most loving and caring embrace. It would all be alright. “Everything will be ok”.
From there I traveled infinite realities and found myself in a place dominated by reds, pinks, oranges and yellows of all shades and many I've never seen before. This place sticks out the most. The colors i will never get over. The intricate configurations and harmony. The place was constant and flowing, it was terrifying but beautiful. Somewhere something told me I was ok, I did it. It was a joyous occasion.
Then i was dropped into a white courtyard, which slowly transformed back into my house… the last entity I met looked like my partner, and shouted “YES!” Before I landed back in me.

The door opened and I got a glimpse before it closed again, and memory became hazy and tears ran down my cheeks. Thank you.